Enhancing Fire Protection through Expert Remedial Works

Fire Stopping Remedial Works

In response to the increased focus on fire protection compliance, Fire Control Systems Ltd. offers specialized fire stopping remedial works for commercial, residential, and social housing properties. Our dedicated team ensures that your building’s passive fire protection standards are brought up to the correct requirements, safeguarding occupants and property.

Fire Stopping Remedial Works

Understanding Fire Stopping Remedial Works

Fire stopping remedial works encompass a range of manual services aimed at upgrading the fire protection standards of buildings that fall short of passive fire protection requirements. Our expert contractors identify and address areas needing restructuring, improvement, or reinforcement to enhance the building’s fire safety.

The process


We conduct a comprehensive fire risk assessment and fire compartmentation survey across your premises.


Unsafe sections or areas for improvement are documented using our efficient Bolster system.


Our knowledgeable contractors execute fire stopping remedial works, including building services, internal compartmentation, and fire-resisting construction services.

Does Your Business Require Fire Stopping Remedial Works?

Investing in fire stopping remedial works enhances evacuation time during fire emergencies. By achieving optimal passive fire protection, your building gains life-saving benefits. Third-party accreditation ensures precise identification of necessary changes for optimal building safety, particularly crucial for older buildings with outdated fire safety concepts.

Regular checks and tracking through the Bolster system keep your building’s safety data up-to-date and easily accessible, notifying you when surveys and checks require updates.

Why Choose Us for Facilities Services Management?

Tailored Solutions

Our fire compartmentation survey and fire risk assessment are tailored to your building's layout, ensuring thorough assessments and quality-assured solutions.

Efficient Tracking

The Bolster system allows easy documentation, tracking, and recording of fire stopping remedial works implementation.

Maximizing Evacuation Time

Achieving optimum passive fire protection enhances evacuation time during fire emergencies, prioritizing occupants' safety.

Facilities Services Management FAQs

Enhancing passive fire protection safeguards occupants and property, maximizing evacuation time during fire emergencies.
Absolutely, older buildings often lack updated fire safety standards. Remedial works ensure their fire protection measures are in line with current requirements.
Regular checks and updates, tracked through the Bolster system, ensure that your building’s fire protection remains effective over time.

Get Your Fire Stopping Remedial Works Sorted Now

Contact us today to schedule fire stopping remedial works for your building. Our expertise ensures that your building’s fire safety measures are optimized, providing essential protection for occupants and property. Trust us to enhance your building’s fire resistance and evacuation capabilities.