Fire Risk Assessments to Ensure Compliance and Safety

Fire Risk Assessments

At Fire Control Systems Ltd., we offer comprehensive Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs) for non-domestic premises across the UK. Our expert team provides detailed assessments and tailored solutions to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations. Trust us to safeguard your premises, occupants, and reputation.

Fire Risk Assessments

What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

A Fire Risk Assessment is a crucial evaluation of non-domestic premises to identify potential fire hazards, assess risks, and develop tailored solutions for safety and compliance. Our services encompass thorough inspections and detailed documentation.

Why Choose Us for Fire Risk Assessments?


Our team of professionals has extensive experience in conducting Fire Risk Assessments, ensuring accurate and reliable evaluations.


We prioritise adherence to fire safety regulations, providing tailored solutions to keep your premises fully compliant.


Our meticulous approach leaves no room for oversight, identifying even the smallest potential fire hazards.


We understand your unique needs and offer friendly professional advice to meet your specific requirements.


With our efficient document creation and competitive pricing, you get timely and cost-effective services.


Trusted by over 200 happy customers, we maintain a solid track record in delivering exceptional fire safety solutions.

Fire Risk Assessments FAQs

Yes, Fire Risk Assessments are required by law for non-domestic premises across the UK.
Fire Risk Assessments should be conducted regularly and whenever significant changes occur in the building or its use.
Absolutely! We offer friendly professional advice and cost-effective solutions to enhance fire safety.

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