Maintaining a Robust Fire Protection Strategy

Fire Door Remedial Works

At Fire Control Systems Ltd., we recognise the critical role fire door maintenance and remedial works play in an effective passive fire protection strategy. Swift action to repair or replace non-compliant fire doors is imperative, and our comprehensive services cover all aspects, including seals, hinges, and door closers.

Fire Door Remedial Works

What are Fire Door Remedial Works?

Fire door remedial works involve essential maintenance and repairs to ensure your fire doors remain compliant and fully functional. Non-compliant fire doors pose a significant risk during a fire, making it crucial to promptly address any defects in their operation.

Why Choose Us for Fire Door Remedial Works?


Our team of certified professionals specialises in fire door remedial works, providing reliable solutions to enhance fire safety.


We prioritise adherence to fire safety standards, ensuring your fire doors meet all required regulations.


We conduct meticulous inspections and repairs, leaving no room for any defects that compromise the fire door's effectiveness.


Understanding the importance of safety, we offer friendly professional advice and solutions tailored to your needs.


Our efficient services and competitive pricing guarantee timely and cost-effective fire door remedial works.


With a solid track record and trusted by numerous satisfied customers, we deliver exceptional fire safety solutions.

Fire Door Remedial Works FAQs

Look for signs of wear, damage, or gaps in fire door seals. If your fire doors don’t close properly, they may require remedial works.
In such cases, we provide expert fire door replacement services to ensure compliance and safety.
Absolutely, our team offers valuable advice on maintaining your fire doors for optimal safety and longevity.

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