Ensuring Fire Safety and Compliance

Fire Door Inspections

At Fire Control Systems Ltd., we conduct meticulous fire door inspections to ensure compliance and fitness for purpose. Our certified professionals specialise in comprehensive evaluations, prioritising the highest standards of safety and functionality to protect lives and property during a fire.

Fire Door Inspections

What is a Fire Door Inspection?

A fire door inspection is a critical review of a building’s fire doors to determine their fitness for purpose and compliance with fire safety standards. In the event of a fire, a building’s passive fire protection system plays a vital role in protecting the means of escape for occupants and limiting fire and smoke spread.

Why Choose Us for Fire Door Inspections?


Our team of certified professionals has extensive experience in conducting fire door inspections, ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations.


We prioritise adherence to fire safety standards, providing tailored solutions to ensure your fire doors meet all required regulations.


Our meticulous approach ensures that no aspect of your fire doors is overlooked, ensuring optimal functionality and protection.


Understanding your specific needs, we offer friendly professional advice and solutions that meet your fire safety requirements.


With our efficient services and competitive pricing, we deliver timely and cost-effective fire door inspections.


Trusted by businesses and organisations across the UK, we have a solid track record in delivering exceptional fire safety solutions.

Fire Door Inspections FAQs

Yes, fire door inspections are essential for ensuring fire safety compliance and are often required by building regulations.
Fire door inspections should be conducted regularly, and we recommend periodic checks to ensure ongoing compliance and safety.
Absolutely, we offer comprehensive fire door remedial works, including repair or replacement of non-compliant fire doors and components.

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