Ensuring Fire Safety through Effective Compartmentation

Fire Compartmentation Surveys

Fire compartmentation is a critical aspect of fire safety, aiming to prevent the spread of smoke, gases, and flames within a building. At Fire Control Systems Ltd., we offer comprehensive fire compartmentation surveys that assess the integrity of fire resisting constructions, ensuring the safety of occupants and protecting high-risk areas. Our expert teams provide tailored surveys to address specific circumstances and priorities, adhering to industry standards and guidance.

Fire Compartmentation Surveys

What is a Fire Compartmentation Survey?

Fire compartmentation involves creating barriers within a building to confine fire, smoke, and heat to specific areas. This containment limits fire damage and aids in safe evacuation. Our surveys assess the performance of compartmentation measures, including walls, floors, voids, shafts, and fire doors. Sampling helps identify issues such as fire damper locations, compliance with current guidance, and overall fire safety effectiveness.

The Critical Role of Compartmentation

Fire compartmentation plays a vital role in preventing fire spread. It involves creating fire-resistant partitions and installing fire doors to form “fire compartments.” These compartments contain fire, smoke, and toxic gases, minimising damage and protecting occupants.

Expectations from a Compartmentation Survey

Our expert teams visually inspect all identified compartment lines to assess their performance during a fire. Defects in compartmentation can include improper firestopping, penetrations, voids, and gaps that compromise the integrity of fire barriers. Whether latent or due to subsequent works, these defects emphasise the need for regular inspections.

Why Choose Us for Facilities Services Management?


Our professionals possess extensive knowledge in fire compartmentation assessments.


We adhere to industry standards and regulations, providing surveys that meet safety requirements.

Tailored approach

We offer customised surveys tailored to your building's unique circumstances and priorities.


Our meticulous approach ensures all potential defects are identified and addressed.


With competitive pricing and efficient survey processes, we provide timely results.

Facilities Services Management FAQs

While not a legal requirement, compartmentation surveys are essential for maintaining fire safety and compliance.
Surveys should be conducted regularly, especially when significant changes occur in the building or its use.
Absolutely, we offer expert advice and solutions to address identified compartmentation defects.

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