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Choose Fire Control Systems Ltd for a wide range of expert fire safety services. From risk assessment to fire door inspection and repairs, our dedicated team ensures your complete protection. Trust us to safeguard your premises and occupants with reliable and compliant solutions.

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Fire Risk Assessments

Ensure compliance with fire safety regulations for your non-domestic premises in England and Wales. We provide up-to-date Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs) at competitive prices, offering friendly professional advice and efficient document creation.

Fire Door Inspections

Our certified professionals conduct meticulous fire door inspections to ensure compliance and fitness for purpose. With attention to detail, we prioritise the highest standards of safety and functionality, safeguarding lives and property during a fire. 


Fire door maintenance and remedial works are essential for a robust passive fire protection strategy. Swift repair or replacement of non-compliant fire doors is imperative. Our services cover all aspects, including components like seals, hinges, and door closers.

Fire Stopping Remedial Works

Fire stopping remedial works encompass a range of manual services aimed at upgrading the fire protection standards of buildings that fall short of passive fire protection requirements. Our expert contractors identify and address areas needing restructuring, improvement, or reinforcement to enhance the building’s fire safety.

Fire Compartmentation Surveys

Fire compartmentation involves creating barriers within a building to confine fire, smoke, and heat to specific areas. This containment limits fire damage and aids in safe evacuation. Our surveys assess the performance of compartmentation measures, including walls, floors, voids, shafts, and fire doors. Sampling helps identify issues such as fire damper locations, compliance with current guidance, and overall fire safety effectiveness.

Fire Extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers are vital as our first line of defence against small fires. Ensuring their operability is crucial for their effectiveness when needed. With our thorough inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) protocols, your fire extinguishers remain reliable and long-lasting.

Sprinkler systems

Sprinkler systems are vital for fire protection, providing effective suppression through connected fire sprinklers. They ensure adequate water pressure and flow, now available at affordable prices for homes and small buildings too. Safeguard your property with reliable sprinkler systems.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarm systems are essential building systems that detect and alert occupants to smoke, fire, and other emergencies. Installed to protect life and property, these systems are mandatory in most commercial buildings. Our expertise covers installation and maintenance of various types, from Grade A L1 systems to Grade D LD4 networks.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is crucial for providing illumination during power outages. These battery-powered lighting units automatically activate when the main power source is disrupted, ensuring visibility in the immediate vicinity. 

PAT Testing

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) ensures the safety of electrical appliances and equipment. Through visual examination and testing, we identify potential defects for reliable usage.

Fire Safety Training

Fire safety training is mandatory in all workplaces. The minimum standard requires training on recognising fire signs and executing safe evacuations. Our training programs help individuals with knowledge to respond in emergencies.

Facilities Services Management

Facilities Services Management involves delivering a range of essential services to organisations, including planned maintenance, security, cleaning, and workspace management. By optimising performance, well-being, and efficiency, our comprehensive services enable individuals to concentrate on their core business activities.
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From small beginnings in 2009, to now moving through nearly 15 years’ experience, and growing significantly, particularly over the last 8 years. Critical to myself is the idea of approachability – anyone can ring me for a chat and some advice, and if we need to see the site, and can do it when in the area, the first site visit will typically be free of charge.

Dimitris Metaxas

Dimitris Metaxas

Director, Fire Control Systems Ltd

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I have worked with Dimitris on multiple projects in various buildings across the country – from Edinburgh to Dartford, over the last 10 years+, and have no hesitation in recommending his service, quality of work, pricing, and his friendly, informed, professional attitude on site at all times. He is always available on the phone, or will immediately call back, and will answer any questions he can.

Katy Fowler CIWFM
Senior Facilities Manager – EPAM

Dimitris and his team are knowledgeable, friendly experts, who quickly understand the issues presented, and rapidly provide solutions – all at a competitive price, whether “in hours” or working overnight, as is sometimes required. They are very approachable, and understand how businesses work and operate, tailoring their solutions around our clients and service users, which is incredibly important in the service industry.

Aamir Khan
Health & Safety Manager | Labtech

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We’re proud to be members of, and accredited by, many of the fire industry’s most reputable regulators. The quality of our service is paramount and we’re proud to show off our accreditations.